To make an assessment of: the current solution; the key risks and issues; the scope and opportunity for improvement; the prioritised success criteria; and a recommended way forward; to agree and communicate the decision.



We work by a combination of remote and on-site working as necessary in order to complete the review. We will review existing documentation and carry out stakeholder meetings using a combination of face to face meetings, workshops, calls and questionnaires as appropriate.

  payroll review
payroll review outputs   

Review Outputs:

A report with the following headings:-

  • Background and overview
  • People, organisation, process and technology
  • Service quality
  • Business change
  • Risks and issues
  • Scope and opportunity for improvement
  • Success criteria
  • Solution options and evaluation
  • The recommended solution approach
  • Next steps and timeline

Elapsed time: Typically 2-4 weeks